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In our act, as identical twin sisters, we developed the idea of the permanent contrast between the duality and the individuality in our lives. Being twins has marked our lives. We are two people, but at the same time we feel as one, indivisible. When we were little girls, our mother would put one of us in front of a mirror and ask her "who is there?" and she would answer by saying the other one's name. Our mom laughed but that fact has been a constant in our lives: feeling that we have always been each other's reflection. This is why our inspiration is to share with the audience the complicity of having an identical twin sister. Our act reveals our life as a duo. How we walk together, we support each other, we reflect each other, we separate and we find each other again. We came into the world as a pair, and we may spend our lives trying to define where one ends and the other one begins. Because we are both one.


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